Spotters in "Environment and Health: Mosquitoes- Culex" for CFM & MPH students

Culex Mosquito:

Also known as "nuisance mosquitoes". Culex fatigans is a vector of Bancroftian filariasis in India. It breeds profusely in dirty water collections e.g. stagnant drains, cesspools, septic tanks, burrow pits, & in fact all types of water collections.

1. Eggs:

Important points:

  • Lays eggs in small clusters or rafts. 
  • Each raft contains 100-250 eggs.
  • Eggs are oval-shaped.
  • The eggs do not possess lateral floats.

2. Larva:

Important points:

  • Suspended in water with their heads downwards. 
  • Possess a siphon tube, situated on the 8th abdominal segment. 
  • Bottomfeeder.
  • No palmate hairs.
  • This stage lasts for 5-7 days.

3. Pupa:

Important points:

  • Comma shaped in appearance, with a large rounded cephalothorax & a narrow abdomen.
  • The Siphon tube is long & narrow. 
  • It represents the resting stage. 

4. Adult: 

Important points:

  • A strong winged mosquito & can fly up to 11 km in rural areas. 
  • Highly anthrophillic. 
  • When at rest, the body exhibits a hunch back & the body stands almost parallel to the surface.
  • Wings unspotted.
  • Palpi short in females.
  • Enters the house at dusk & reaches maximum density by midnight which is peak bitting time. 
  • Legs are preferred for bitting. 
  • During the day, it may be seen resting indoors on walls, underneath furniture, inside empty pots, & in dark corners.

Public Health Importance:

Culex mosquito transmits
  • Bancroftian filariasis
  • Japanese encephalitis
  • West Nile fever
  • Viral Arthritis (Epidemic / Polyarthritis)


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