Bajaj Set to Launch CNG Motorcycle by June 2024

The wait for India's first CNG motorcycle is finally coming to an end, with Bajaj Auto gearing up for its launch. According to recent reports, the company could unveil the motorcycle as early as June this year.

Earlier speculations suggested a launch by 2025, but now it seems Bajaj is expediting the process. While details about the motorcycle's name remain scarce, the company aims to cater to various segments ranging from 100cc to 160cc.

Rakesh Sharma, Executive Director of Bajaj Auto, highlighted the efficiency of CNG over diesel in terms of cleaner emissions. While CNG produces negligible particulate matter emissions compared to diesel, it's not a zero-emission fuel. Hence, Bajaj is expanding its portfolio to include models like LPG, compressed natural gas (CNG), and ethanol-blended fuel in the coming years.

The forthcoming CNG motorcycle, possibly codenamed "Brujar E101," is in its final stages of development. Prototypes have been tested, with an estimated mileage of 120 km per 1.2 kg tank.

Bajaj aims to contribute to the clean fuel segment by expanding its portfolio to include EVs, ethanol, LPG, and CNG. Initially, the company plans to produce around 1 to 1.20 lakh CNG bikes annually, with a possibility of scaling up to 2 lakh units later. Production for the CNG motorcycle has commenced at the Aurangabad plant.


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